The art of being pissed at God

Ever get mad at God?  I do.  A few months ago I was mad.  Really really mad at Him.  So mad that I basically stood in the shower for half an hour just swearing at Him.  If you know me, you know that I hardly ever swear – but I was letting it out on Him.

I’d be lying if I said I even remember what I was mad about.  I’ve been in this season of finding some deep inner healing, and that was in the thick of it.  Something about how He ditched me when I needed Him the most.  Something about how He, God of the universe, let me down and didn’t carry through.  It hurt so much.  I can honestly say that I was feeling the most pain I had ever felt in my life up until that point and I couldn’t deal with it.  It was the most honest, blunt, and real conversation I had had with the Lord in months.

All that stuff boiling up inside of me was released.

And you know what, it was a turning point.  The impossible happened next.  I got out of the shower, got dressed and found my roommate, Drew.  Drew had no idea what was going on inside of me.  All I could think of was to ask him to prophecy over me.

So I asked and he prophesied over me.  And one-by-one, in order, Drew shared  God’s response to each thing I was mad about.  It was incredible.  I was crying.  I think I left a giant pool of tears on the couch that night.  But the very impossible happen that night.  The Lord of Lords and the Hosts of Hosts comforted me.  And showed me just how much He loved me and was always with me, through it all.

How is this an art of being pissed at God?  I guess the art is in the rawness of relationship.  If your mad or angry at God let him know.


Have you ever been pissed off at God?  Share your stories in the comments below.

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  1. Hurt
    Hurt says:

    I like being raw with him, but to an extent. Especially now that I am facing what seems to be and endless situation of living with hurtful and possibly abusive family members. I got at Him recently because this summer, my plans to move out, work, and finish my degree at at campus I grew to love years ago have had roadblocks and going back took longer than I thought. With a few weeks away and no place to live, now I am faced with living with them again–enduring the pain and abuse again.
    Like you, I have those moments of telling Him off. Countless days of crying in my room telling Him I don’t want to talk to him because I cannot get out and saying I will never leave because for some reason, He wants me here.
    My desire when I talk to Him about my problem is to treat Him like a King and the one who deserves my love and I need to tame my mouth. I’m a new creation.

    • adamlepp
      adamlepp says:


      Thank you for the honest and realness you just put on the table. I might not get all the details, but I sure know what it’s like crying yourself to bed night after night in pain. I’m proud of you for letting your self feel the pain. So many of us just hold it inside and pretend like it’s not there. Like we are some sort of super men.

      I really hope you and the Lord figure it out. In the mean time, I really get the sense that the Lord want’s to know that He really respects your for the respect you give Him and that you are for ever his royal prince whom He has placed His seal upon.

      Many blessings as you continue on this journey.


  2. Hurt
    Hurt says:

    Thank you. I am still feeling lost, unsure and scared. I visited campus and felt peace, but I do not know what He’s telling me. I am thankful for the respect I have for Him and not being afraid to be honest with Him. I want to figure it out with Him, but staying at dark place and waiting is difficult to live with.

  3. Tim
    Tim says:

    I have had a time when I was mad at God. It was bad for my heart. There is a place in the relationship for emotion but its an unhealthy place to stay in my opinion. Job also was mad at God (although he remained respectful while being mad) and God rebuked him for it. Nevertheless being upset at Him points towards a real relationship. And in Adams story although he was mad at God he was also looking and willing to receive from Him.


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