Can’t sit still

I have to admit, I’m excited.

very excited.

For a while now, the prophecies have been talking about a great revival.  But everyone of them, up until recently included the word soon.  As in, not now.  We are crossing from soon to now though.  A generation has been rising up for some time now, taking their place, standing on the giants that came before them.  Waiting, watching, seeking, learning, trying.

Making mistakes, failing, falling, rising.

Walking in destiny.

The sons and daughters of God are discovering their destiny.  Discovering who they are.  Walking in the world, but not of the world.  Walking in righteousness.  Seeing themselves not as the sinner like satan wants, but as the saint they are.  Nothing is impossible.  Rules and doctrines are left collecting dust on the shelf, yet they are in constant communication with the Great I Am.  Full of beauty.  They reject control by empowering.  Their adventure is the greatest adventure of all time.  They know the power of Jesus.  Demons run in their presence.  The throne room is their favorite hangout.  They are sons and they are daughters.  They are alive.  They are full of life.

Just in time.  The walls can’t hold the floods back anymore.  They have bursted and the flood is here.  Now.

Their message is simple.

Freedom for every captive, for every prisoner – to let them know that the prison doors are open.

For God’s love and grace and comfort are freely available.

Death shall no longer linger, rather life for all.  Unspeakable joy shall take the place their tears.  Great burdens weighing heaving on shoulders are to be taken of and replaced with glorious robes full of praise.  And they shall be called temples of righteousness – a great showcase for the LORD, in which He is greatly glorified.

And they will bring hope to the hopeless.  They will bring light to the darkness covering sleeping love.  They will reveal love hidden within city border that has been suppressed for generations.

Strangers run your shops and your businesses.

You, however, will be named princes and princesses of the Living God.  Mankind will call you the army of the  Most High.  You will feast on very dish you seasoned.  Your reward – one day win the great ‘Well done, good and faithful servant.’

Everything they had before will seem minuscule compared to their riches given to them.  They will be furnished with unending joy.

For the LORD their God loves them to much to stand by and watch them kill themselves.  Lip service has no place in His presence.  And the Lord their God will walk beside , guide and teach them, and He has sacrificed His only son for their freedom.  No payment required.  End of contract.

And they will be set apart, holy.  They will be known by the way they love; for the LORD has given them much reason to love.

And so me and my generation – we praise and worship Abba.  The very essence of who we are dances full of joy – for creator has called us His own.  He has taken our shame and guilt and covered us with His robe of righteousness;

For as the Earth starts to shine in her own beauty, and as life springs forth; so the Lord GOD will cause righteousness and praise to spring forth before all the nations.


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  1. Mervin
    Mervin says:

    It’s weird trying to write a comment here when I know that I’m “supposed” to… I just adore this grace business, and I’m amazed by how I can have something which was so costly for free.
    Also I like chicken.


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