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Hi, my name is Adam Lepp.
I love people and I love chasing dreams.  I'm not afraid to take risks and I never stop asking questions.  Oh, and I love answering the question: What does life look like after resurrection!

  • NameAdam Lepp
  • BirthdayDecember 23, 1986
  • AddressBemidji, MN
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Bemidji, MN

  • Name Adam Lepp
  • Birthday December 23, 1986
  • Address Bemidji, MN
  • Email
  • Website

My Skills

Information Technology

  • Windows Server
  • System Admin
  • Networking
  • Customer Relations

Web Design

  • jQuery
  • PHP
  • Wordpress

Professional Audio

  • Live Sound
  • Recording Engineer
  • Mixing Engineer

About Me


Hi, My name is Adam…

A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.
-John A. Shedd

I love people and I love chasing dreams.  I’m not afraid to take risks and I never stop asking questions.  Oh, and I love answering the question: What does life look like after resurrection!




Bemidji Area School of Transformation Director2013 - Now

Higher Heights

God is about cultural transformation. This begins with personal preparation. That is why the Bemidji Area School of Transformation exists. This school is for determined and passionate leaders who want to pursue greater intimacy with God and out of that intimacy, produce transformation and long lasting fruit in whatever environment.


Network Administrator2013 - Now

Marco, Inc.

Your organization depends on technology every day to keep your business running smoothly. Don't spend your valuable time reacting to technology problems! Marco's Managed IT Services which are designed to help you manage your day-to-day IT maintenance issues so you can focus on managing your business.

IT Specialist2012 - 2013

Trust Technology Services

Trust Technology provided professional IT Systems Management for small businesses.

Campus Staff Worker2010 - 2012

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA® is an evangelical campus mission serving more than 35,000 students and faculty on more than 560 college and university campuses nationwide. Incorporated in 1941, InterVarsity has a rich tradition of campus witness, thoughtful discipleship, and a concern for world missions.


B.S., Computer Science2010

South Dakota State

Blog posts

The art of being pissed at God

Ever get mad at God?  I do.  A few months ago I was mad.  Really really mad at Him.  So mad that I basically stood in the shower for half an hour just swearing at Him.  If you know me, you know that I hardly ever swear - but I was letting it out on Him. I'd be lying if I said I even remember... Read more

Another blog post

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut semper pellentesque sapien ullamcorper venenatis. Nunc eu vestibulum eros. Maecenas at dui et magna varius ultricies. Phasellus tincidunt tellus vitae tortor pellentesque tincidunt. Aliquam vitae interdum massa.payday loans without credit c... Read more

Try No. 2

As you know, I have this impossibly big vision for Bemidji.  I'm chasing after that dream. I stumbled upon this video on Youtube.  It's an amazing video.  Go check it out.  Basically, Cocacolla company put an ATM on the streets of Spain, except there was something different about it.  Instea... Read more

My vision

Repost from My Vision page.  [also check that one out for updateness]   I have this unimaginably big vision for the city I live in.  Like really big.  I’ve had it for a while, but it was recently given words after reading this amazing book by Kris Vallotton called Heavy Rain.  He st... Read more


Gasping for air Waves overtaking No shore in sight... Read more


A dream realized. I was stuck. My wildest dreams and ambitions are happening. I have no doubt in my head - the last bit that hasn't, will. It's only a matter of time. I am so excited. I was depressed. I couldn't figure out why. The more things happened, the more depressed I got. It didn'... Read more

Can’t sit still

I have to admit, I'm excited. very excited. For a while now, the prophecies have been talking about a great revival.  But everyone of them, up until recently included the word soon.  As in, not now.  We are crossing from soon to now though.  A generation has been rising up for some time... Read more

My name is David

I'm noticing an increasingly scary trend in the church.  To put it simply - it goes like this:  more and more of God's people no longer know who they are.  For some reason, many in the church believe the Kingdom of God is something that we enter when we die. In reality - we enter into the Kingdom... Read more

You’re where I want to be.

Every Friday, a bunch of people in Bemidji get together to worship God.  It's one of my favorite nights of the week.  Not only do we get to intercede for the city of Bemidji, but we get to spend time together in fellowship, sing songs of praise to our heavenly father, and even seen God do miracle... Read more

Like a Lion

A rut.  A very deep rut.  A very deep and wide rut. You ever drive down an old dirt road and get stuck in the ruts created from the vehicles that came before you?  It's actually kind of cool sometimes.  You can take your hands off the wheel and the car practically drives itself down the road.... Read more
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